Soggy Saturday

Most of my Saturdays are the same: Gym, knit, store, knit, church, knit, sleep (dream of knitting).  This Saturday started that way……

However, when I returned the the gym and settled into my office chair for a few rows, my teenager came downstairs.  Now, teenagers tend to look surly as a general rule, but it was kinda early for his scowl.   When I asked what his problem was he glared at our Maltese (this will be an important detail) and said “My floor is wet”.  I asked if he thought Mr.Marshmallow (the Maltese) had gone potty on the floor.  He replied “I don’t know.  There’s water.  Lot’s of it.”  Being a mom, my first thought was “that’ll teach him to ignore the dog when he’s whimpering to go out”, but I decided to say nothing and go check it out.

What I found was that half of his room, about a yard of the hallway, and the hall bathroom (ding..ding..ding!) was SOAKED.  I looked at intelligent high school freshman and said “You thought our 10lb dog did this?”  The teenager wisely declined to answer.

That left me no option but to wake the hubby and tell him that we had “an issue”.   (Mind you it is a little after 7am on s Saturday – waking my husband on a Saturday is about as smart as greeting a bearilla in a bacon dress)

Hubby was surprisingly calm and went to work with the shop vac.  He managed to lower the level of wetness from sopping to soaking, then said tis gar plen (okay, maybe he thought it) and we went to breakfast.  We are fortunate enough to have a neighbor with a carpet cleaning business, so when we returned hubby called him to see if he could help.

He agreed to come over, so after the hubby and I emptied the teenagers room, he brought an industrial strength vacuum and drier.  By the time he left it was 11am and I was beat!

Too beat to knit.  (The horror!)  Well, I couldn’t let the day go by without creating so I grabbed my spinning wheel and went to town.  The smooth motion of drafting and tredling helped ease the mornings tensions and just plain felt good.  Afterward, I took a little cat nap. (And expunged of his charges Mr.Marshmallow did, too)   🙂

Mr.Marshmallow catches some zzz's in the background.


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